Saturday, January 16, 2010


What I have think about you became reality,
You now belong to other person
A person that you loved and cared
I knew that.

My heart feel so crushed at a moment,
And my heart also said that I should never do nothing about it.
Since 2004, my tears of hope were just futile,
You always be in my prayer,
Always be.

This is the second tribute poem that's especially for you,
And I compare you with the most wanted place in mankind,
The place is heaven.
You are perfect in heaven, Ann.

Maybe we'll see each other at there,
But, I'm sure that you'll ignore me,
'Cause I'm wicked,
And I alacrity let my tears down again,
To see you happy in heaven.

I know, I'll be in hell,
I was such an evil person,
I didn't want to disturb,
Your happiness in heaven.

May you happy with him, Ann.
I'll always right behind you,