Saturday, January 5, 2013

Si Anak Muda

Si Anak Muda
Berlainan cara
Harta nyawa
Haruk dijulang
Mungkin berulang.

Si Anak Muda
Pelajaran tinggi
Kecetekan meninggi
Hidup berpuak
Ingin menjadi luak.

Si Anak Muda
Tunjuk samseng
Bersama geng
Tunjuk lagak
Dada tegak.

Si Anak Muda
Membudayakan lepak
Di restoran dan di kedai mamak
Atau menonton perlawanan bola sepak.

Si Anak Muda
Tidak mahu kalah
Semuanya mahu serba mewah
Bersama gadis
Jalan mata sinis.

Si Anak Muda
Kian jauh
Tidak berdaya berjalan di pauh
Saling tuduh-menuduh
Membuatkan Melayu jatuh.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

As The Writing Starts Here

(originally write on 24/6/2012)

As the time passes by
And I cannot lie
Why oh why?
Please tell me why?

As the ticks runs fast
When it will be last?
And it's going to be a must
To see your face for the last.

As the wind blows smoothly
What it could be?
Between you and me
Because you with somebody.

As the wheels goes around
What would I found?
He takes you runaround
While I fell onto the ground.

As the duck floating
Still, I'm here standing
Waiting and waiting
The love that doesn't calling.

As Jack cut down the timber
I started to wonder
Why he would be the lover?
The winner of your chamber.

As the writing stops here
I drunk a root beer
And I hope you can hear
That I wanted to be your lover

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR-------

War Is...

War is pain
Many men wanted to join in
Fighting is the main
And death is certain.

War is slave
That was told by Lt. Dave
From city to cave
He fought to be brave.

War is destruction
Men bring ammunition
Was shown on television
Not be seen by Mason.

War is bad
Making peoples mad
Making others sad
Also dead I might add.

War is hunger
Where the giant wanted more power
With their weapon of disaster
That was funded by the banker.

War is hell
It cause a swell
As the battlestation ring it's bell
You must fight well.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------