Saturday, April 9, 2011


  1. My family.
  2. Elementary, secondary, technical, Friendster and MySpace friends.
  3. My hopes.
  4. Time riding skateboards around with TBS crew.
  5. Eat GCB(McDonalds special) with Pojie Bukit Katil.
  6. Riding along Malacca lonely street at 1.00 a.m up.
  7. Time I've wasted in mid 2010.
  8. Write a poem with the ocean breeze at night at Masjid Selat, Melaka.
  9. Going to Irelax Cyber Cafe during night. Oh, full of memory when I'm passes by the road that headed to it.
  10. Spectating people around.
  11. ANNE, AN ANGEL IN LATE 2009. Oh, you're so full of bliss.
  12.  Sitting at my bench in front of my house, smoking, write a poetry while eyes on the horizon.
  13. Calming talks from my mom.
  14. My father's mocking.
  15.  Listening to 'Tears In Heaven' by Eric Clapton, at night.
  16. My BIDIN's friend, down at technical school period. Full of laugh and gangsterism.
  17. My working time back at Guardian Pharmacy(Jan 2010-May2010, Oct 2010-Dec 2010).
  18. Chilling at Emota(Ikhmal Mohd. Taha, co-worker) crib. Man, totally bachelor.
  19. Looking at my hope pictures. 
  20. My best friend until end, Muhammad Fauzi bin Sazali. 
  21. Walking a long way back home.
  22. Gone to mosque, recite Yassin.
  23. Karaoke with BIDIN's
  24. Feeling natural beauty.
  25. Gone to some reunion.

*walaupun banyak benda yang aku rindu, namun ada satu hakikat sahaja iaitu='TIADA SESIAPA AKAN MERINDUI AKU'.

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