Thursday, December 17, 2009


Would you meet me?
Would you talk with me?
Would you walk with me?
If I saw you in heaven.

You will be happy,
You are fulfill with joy,
It's nothing I can do,
I just spectating you from behind.

I know I don't belong here,
I must walked out,
And let my tears down,
To see you stay in heaven.

Would you accept me?
Would you love me?
Would you stay by my side?
'Cause I know I don't deserve it.

My tears fall down,
When I watch you feel the happiness,
My heart parish,
'Cause I am not good as you.

Would you help me stand?
'Cause I feel down so crush.
And I know,
You will ignore it.

I am just dull and unperfect,
I do not deserve you,
No one never ever understand me,
And everyone seems hates me.

I walked out,
With my hands on the pocket,
And my head look down,
My tears down again.

When I walked out from there,
I looked back at you,
You still enjoy the moment,
And never look at me again.

I must be strong,
To face what is in front of me,
I just can keep,
My sadness now.

I cried for you,
I prayed for you,
I thinking about you,
I only hoped that I can be together with you,
For just a while or once.

And I know you will push it,
I know you will mocking me,
And I dedicated this for you,
You will be good in heaven,

--------ToKaN Al-MaNSuR------

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