Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Kod Intro:-
C Am F G

E Bm(4x)

Gm F#m Dm Em(2x)

1. Can I take you down tonight?
Cause I always thinking,
About my feelings,
Towards you...

2. Am I qualified?
To be with you, lady
But, I'm truthly
And sincerely loving you...

3. Would you accept it?
Would you take it?
Would you make it?
Cause I know, I'm not...


Oh, Anne
Can I love you?
Cause I'm can't hold it longer...
Oh, Anne
Should we be together?
For once...

4. How do you feel it?
You must be not like it
Cause I know
I was just abnormal...

5. How nice is it?
Together with you
The pretty-innocent, lady
Ann... Ho...

Lead(kod intro)

Repeat chorus 2x...

*No. 1, 2, 4 is play with kod intro...
*No. 3 play verse...
*No. 5 play chorus...

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