Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Distance Poem

It is nice
And pleasure
For me
To hear the news.

The news that certainly make my heart break
At the early morning
The news that said
"I'm getting engaged".

What the...
I blurred for a while
I closed my eyes and hold my heart
To absorb the pain
That I had before and nowadays.

I ran out off mood
Not in bad mood, but...
It is hard to say
I cannot explained it.

Ann, you're the special one
It is a gift that I had know you
Replying some messages with you
Although it was for a while
Or maybe a life chances.

Ann, who is the lucky guy that had win your heart?
He must be so and certainly the luckiest guy in the world
I know, I can't compete
And I can't win anybody heart
Especially you...

You know Ann
If I could be with you for a while or once
I will take you down to my favourite spots
I screamed my acoustic in front of you
We could happily sing a song together
And I gonna tell you that I always love, care, like and besides you
And say you were always on my prayer.

Time is running out
I had realised it for a long time
Doesn't matter whose go first
But, surely
You will be in heaven.

Why is always you and heaven?
Because your face and external personality that I know
Is about just fit with an angel that in heaven
I'm not mumbling
It it my view of you.

There's ocean in between us, Ann
You're perfect, I'm not
You're white, I'm black
You're full, I'm half
You're beauty, I'm ugly
You're great, I'm loser
I wish I could be your lover or husband.

To Ann and her fiancee,

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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