Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seventh Ann...

Why can't I forget about you?
Every time you comment me, I remembered the past
You saving me when I felt down so crush
You makes me happy during the holy month
And that time, I was feel so bless
But now, it is nothing, Ann.

You drive me crazy
But, I can control it
Everything important things has connection with you, Ann
It's anything about you
This is all for you.

I has let my tears down for you
I almost lost my path
After all that time, you came back
I don't know what to say, Ann
Every single words that you write to me
It gave me hope
But, I'm nothing to you, right?

You're like an angel
And I hoping for an impossible thing
I know you're having a great times with him
I don't have any encouragement since I know your status
Luckily, I still get in my prayer and faith
It's makes me believe in fate.

Thanks for the time you spent with me
I'm just nothing to anybody
When I'm think about you
It's makes me so hard not to cry
I just a stranger
That had been medium for zero conversation

I hope you still get on your prayers
I hope you still smart
You're smarter than me
I'm just dumb and dumber
And no matter happens
I still right behind you

I just can watch you from behind
I can't close to you
You're someone's
Please don't be sad
Just let me sad
Please don't let your tears down
You can hold by my shoulders
If it can be...

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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