Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Ann

Hey Ann,
How's you doin'?
I know you're doin' great
You always do that

Hey Ann,
I have something for you
It's my heart
I'm not kidding
I'm serious.

Hey Ann,
It's been so long since our last stare
Man, your eyes is killing me
Yes dear
You have killed me
Killed my feelings.

Hey Ann,
I said that because I know
First time you stare at me, you'll said that you hate me deep inside
You know that
I could said that all of your word is just futile
I'm crushed, Ann
I know who I am.

Hey Ann,
I wish we could talk again
I know Ann
You left me because I answered your question
We've muted since that incident occured
God, what's my sin?

Hey Ann,
I've dedicated so much for you
I tried to forget but I can't
I wish the best for you
You know what
You had lost from my prayers
So phethatic
I'm sad too.

Hey Ann,
Nice to meet you
Thanks for everything
All your words I will keep it until end
And you can burn my gift
Although you had it or I'm just watch
And my tears down again
For you...

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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