Saturday, May 1, 2010

Memories Trees

During a fine spring
A beautiful day
Rise and shine towards it
It makes me smile.

Then, I took a walk
To my spot
A places that has a nice view
Under a tree, fine grass, an ocean at the front
With the shadow of sun at the surface.

I lit up a Dunhill lights
I enjoy the view
And let my memories come back
So I write this

Usually a memories that make me wants to cry came back
And usually too I've cry
I've cry for my past failure
I've cry for my future
And I've cry to face tomorrow.

I can't forget about that innocent face
I can't forget about that killing stare
I can't forget about that hopeful words
I can't forget about that characteristic
I can't forget about you, Ann.

Then someone has come
She has motivated in our messages
"She is the one", my deep said
I'd try to close with her
But, what I get?
Just some hopeful words again
Why is it happen to me so often?

I did not know the answer
I'm not smart
She left me just like that
The words that always makes me to cry
The words that means my act is limited until that
And all of her words that so hopeful to me is just futile.

So, I finish my last smoke
Twist my head
Looking down
Hands in the pocket
Get up from that spot
And walks away.

I did not notice
My tears felt down
I've to live with this heartbreak feelings
Continue what's I've left
And face the truth
I'll bring my faith with me
As a strength in life here and hereafter
It would be...

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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