Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The First Person

I thought I wouldn't see your face again
With a blink of eye, it happens
The faces that had turned me
Into a more morale man.

Compare you with Ann
You're both are great
And if you both ask me which one is better
I will answer nobody is better.

When I looked at that face
All old memories had strikes me back
I've been following your updates from time to time
Until now it has been for 6 years
6 years of spectating and heartbroken.

And during that 6 years
I try to heal it
And for your information
It is just nothing
Have you feel or understand me now, huh?

And now
You've really changed
Top to bottom
That coloured hair
Truly mixed eyes
And your killing natural
Knock me off again.

Why is it so hard to accept me
I know who I am
You know I've been cried for you for many years
And you've gone for a long time
It all has back
And makes my head feel pain.

You're the first person that I'd love
You're the first person that I'd said in my prayers
You're the first person that had reject me
You're the first person that have changed me to face the reality.

We even not meet at last reunion
You've turn arrogant
Last time you even not like this
What have changed you?
I really want to know.

You know Mardhiah
During our old times back there
I know what is you
Your face, your characteristic
The lefthanded women
And when I've tried to tell you my feelings towards you
You just simply knock me off.

I've tried, tried and tried again
If destiny said that I'll be with you
Why just you give me a chance to prove it
Or you will deny it
I'm sure about that...

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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