Saturday, October 23, 2010

Acception & Rejection

I had look up at the sky
Hold my feelings
Eventhough it's star up there
It do not make me feel better.

Always be a medium that
Leave a deep hurt
During this years
Heal it?
It had be a disease innerself.

Always be a topic on my days
That is hard to swallow
And force a tears to fall down
Sometimes turned myself into other
Mad, rude, uneasy
And I used cigarette as a pain reliever.

I thought you care
But not
After all my secret I've told you
I always admit it was not my fault
I like to share secret in my ways.

East coast sunshine waits
I just gone to there
For three years
And no matter what happens
I always be at the other side just to see your shadow.

You know what
I've never mocking you
I've never want you to be bad
I don't want to talk bad about you
You have left so many unseen wounds
That hard, so pain to hold
Becoming scars.

Approaching you
It just like spill oil to the fire
Burning feels in myself
I've hold for a long time
It couldn't put off
And it always burn in a more phetatic ways.

I only have my eyes for you
On the otherside later
I standing
Although it was so long to wait
To see your shadows
I repeat, shadows.

No matter what is your opinion
I'm still look up-high at you
I'm still hold
I'm still want to try
I'm still hurt
I'm still stand-it-ease
I'm still waiting
Your acception.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------