Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear Love

Dear love,
My dear love
The shining star up in the sky
Did not win against your eyes.

Dear love,
Oh, I just too amaze
When I see your face
When you smiling about
And the beautiful look.

Dear love,
You are my special angel
A saviour when I am lose
Give me the spirit to live again.

Dear love,
You speak silently into my inside
I could never explain it
Eventhough you say nothing
I always consider it is the best.

Dear love,
The dark surrounding
And I beneath the fluorent lamp
Makes me wishing that
You and I under a dimmed light candle
Staring each other and deeply fall in love.

Dear love,
That ring on your fingers
Doubt me always and always
Although I know what it is purpose anyway
Sometimes, it’s too complicated to elaborate it.

Dear love,
East coast breeze make me missing you
Cold wind blows so freezing
Makes me wonder how are you doing there
Whether you good or vice versa.

Dear love,
Looking at your picture daily
Driving me more ease and vice versa
On my life here
East coast of Malaysia.

Dear love,
You looks so perfect in my life
There would be not  any mistake from you
People always said nobody is perfect
And I would say you  are  perfect.

Dear love,
It has been about a year and one month
I loving you
I never know that you will love me back or not
But, I always loving you.

Dear love,
No matter how you look
No matter what you are wearing
No matter if you don’t love me
Still, you always and always in my inside.

Dear love,
Let us pray to ALLAH
To save us all in here and hereafter
Keep our faith towards ALLAH thick and strong
Ask for forgiveness
Also forgiving each other.

Dear love,
The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You barely waking
And a tangle up in you.

Dear love,
I worry I won’t see your face
Light up again
And out of the doubt that fills my mind
But somehow, you face relaxing me.

Dear love,
I break my own record in this dedication
Three pages about my way about you
And three pages
That bringing hope
A hope of love.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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