Saturday, June 4, 2011

She Take Woods

As the eyes be a witness
For I had been lost
Lost on a long struggle.

From the eyes
Also is the reason
Why I had lost in that journey
That eyes were set to kill.

As I slowly reach
For a help
I caught by your words.

The woods
I know what you're mean
There's another guy
That actually vastly climbing
And reaching the top of your heart.

For the third times
I lost you
I know it's my fault
For not confessed towards you.

I know that I'm such a coward
It's not so me
I will not confess my feelings freely
Especially on you
You're totally different and special.

I know that I'm just an ordinary friend
Nothing and for a medium
In a zero conversation
Look at it, I'm zero on you.

East coast breeze
Please, take me away
I can't barely handle it
I'm too tired standing.

My love waits you
And it isn't going to fade
Unless a true love ties me
On time and others.

The smile on your face
Never going to forget on my life
That smile brings
Summer sunshine in my life back there.

I only have my eyes for you
May time will make us
Meet again
No matter it is now or hereafter.

For you, angel
May you be good and happy
With that woods of yours
I will pray your happiness.

---------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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