Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Door Story

Besides the door
Long I stood
I still waiting
Waiting and always waiting
The shadow of yours.

My eyes in horizon
Still, I stood
I didn't care although it is
Too long and too painful to wait
The shadow beyond that view.

Behind the door
Friends calling
I just said hang in there
I waiting for someone
People passes by the door
And I smiled, greeting.

I'm sweating all over
I squats down
Still, eyes on the horizon
Far side at there
I saw the shadow that I've waiting.

Suddenly, I felt down
I'm so tired of waiting
I still awake
You besides if me
I felt like wow.

I gave out my hand
Hoping that you will grab it
Help me up
And you simply stare at me
Walking towards the door.

You open the door
Happiness light up on your face
I saw you
Holding hands together with...
Oh, how pain I feel at that time.

The door still open and always open
I gathered up my strength
Get up and take a look inside
Looking you from behind.

I took my steps
I walks towards the horizon
Away from the door
I'm crying
And I looked behind while walking.

Then, I continue my journey
Towards horizon
Because I have
No accompanies
One thing that I hope
Be good and happy at that place.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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