Sunday, May 29, 2011


The dawn is breaking
The holy sound come to wake up
All of us to pray towards ALLAH
Come, let's perform dawn prayer.

A light shining through
As a sign of a good day
May it stay good all day long
So we'd be good too.

You're barely waking
Maybe to start a new day
Luckily, we're still got chance to breathe
While others don't.

How's your sleep?
Sweet dreams, glad to hear it
Bad dreams, I will make a good one
Scary dreams, let me kill the devil.

Me, owh
I don't sleep yet
Truly it is
It is wonderful to start a day with performing the dawn prayer.

Come on, get up
Bathe and pray
Then, make hot water
And coffee to waking you more.

Ah, you're look so fine
Perfect for this day
Weekend holiday
Really, really suits with you.

Glaze of sunshine
Make this day more beautiful
And meaningful
To me.

Let's take a breathe
Oh, what a passion
A great morning breeze.

A great day comes within
I'm smiling
Smiling towards anything
Especially for you.

Let's spend this day
With a good deeds
For we could get a great payback.


--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------

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