Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ain Sofia

Ain Sofia,
The person that I love
The person that hates me
The person that make me cried
The person that so innocent.

Ain Sofia,
Everyday I looked deeply into your photo
Everyday I waiting your words
Everyday I love you
Everyday I care about you
Everyday I say your name in my prayers.

Ain Sofia,
I hope you forgive me
I hope you will understand me
I hope you will love me
I hope you be the best
I hope we could talk, walk and love to each other.

Ain Sofia,
So many words I've hold myself
I wish you understand it
And accept me
Thank you.

--------ToKaN AL-MaNSuR--------


  1. nope...
    dedication je...
    die kan mahal...

  2. love holds their own story.
    you found one too, i guess. :)

  3. what a great quotes...
    i never found love accept love towards ALLAH and Islam...