Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ten Story

It's been ten days
Since you left this historical city
But you have left me
For a long time

At the old days
I'm counting on you
To give me some strength
But you had disappointed me
With your simple words

I'd been love you since we at kindergarten
When I'd try to give a hint
You simply knocked it off
But, I'd try
Trying, trying and so
And I'm down on my knees again.

Tears down suddenly
Pain feel so deep
Hurts a lot
All I think at time is just be calm
Steady and ease
You wave a light goodbye of me
And I noticed that.

When you upload that picture
I know, you're somebody
I'm freezed!
I can't do nothing
You belongs to him.

You have motivated me a lot
You bring me to a positive way of life
When I noticed back, you're just the same
As at that time

I hope you'll happy there
Success in study and then life
That locked your better future
With him or someone else
I didn't know
But I'm sure, you'll not accept me
'Cause I'm too wicked for you.

You know what
I prayed the best for you
I'd say your name in my prayer
I get nothing, none!
I just can be patient
Understanding why is it happen to me.

I'm sure
My name is not on your lips
His name that you had talked a lot
He is the one
He is the lover
He is the best
He is the man
He is that love you most
He is that you love most
And who am I to you?

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